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About the Law Offices of Stuart M. Address, P.A.

Stuart M. Address, Esq., has been an attorney for 30 years. Mr. Address has worked in small, medium, and large law firms. In 1996, Mr. Address decided to open his own law practice with the goal of providing more personalized attention to his clients. Mr. Address seeks to provide quality legal advice and the personal attention which every person or business has the right to expect from their attorney, especially during times of stress and uncertainty. Mr. Address' goal is simply to be there for you when you need him.

Stuart M. Address, Esq., will work diligently to represent you aggressively and with integrity. Mr. Address will treat you with the respect and compassion you deserve as a client or prospective client. Mr. Address also seeks to provide counseling in situations where your legal matter has other practical consequences that should be considered. Mr. Address' goal is to advise you about the law that relates to both your legal matter and the practical issues that might affect the decisions you need to make from a real world perspective both before and during any litigation.

The Law Offices of Stuart M. Address, PA has one advantage that other law offices can't offer. Stuart M. Address is that advantage. Mr. Address has practiced civil and business litigation law for 30 years. He is a member of the Florida Bar, all Federal district courts within Florida, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, and the Bar of the Supreme Court of the United States. Mr. Address graduated college from Rutgers University in 1982 with a Bachelors of Arts degree in political science with departmental distinction. Mr. Address next attended law school at the George Washington University, in Washington, D.C, where he graduated with honors in 1985.

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If you seek an attorney who promptly returns calls, timely responds to your letters and emails, consistently keeps you up-to-date on the status of your legal matter and regularly provides documents relevant to your case, then you should contact Mr. Address at the Law Offices of Stuart M. Address, P.A. Let us fight for you!

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